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I Am Not The Type Of Person You Would Expect

Lately i have been changing how i look. Not the thing i should be focusing on being a homeschooled junior. I should be preparing for life. taking my drivers test. taking my SAT. or even putting myself out there. By putting myself out there i mean acting singing writing everything. I wanna be the type of person who you look at and go wow that person makes overachieving look easy. but im not that person. Putting in words who you are is a difficult thing. Like when someone asks you to tell them about yourself. and the short thought runs through your mind …who am i ? You think and the thoughts that flow through your head of what you wanna say or how you are just seem…..small. You start to feel insecure. Like a total loser. Cause of how you see yourself may not be who you really are. So now im just rambling stuff that you read and none of it probably made sence to you . but thats just how my thought process works. so no by first glance im not the person you would expect… but really who is?

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